Sunday, February 24, 2008


Hello to our faithful readers, wondering all this time what was going on. When Sex Isn't Good has been for sale since last spring, and we know that women have been buying it in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. Beyond that we don't yet know.

Last week 20/20 ran a story on persistent sexual arousal syndrome/persistent genital arousal disorder. The story was also published on, and at the bottom of the article there was a link to When Sex Isn't Good for those people wishing to read some stories about women with PSAS! Then we received a call from The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, that they were interested in interviewing us! Yesterday I heard that WebMD is going to do a story on the book! We are very excited and look forward to these opportunities to help us get the word out. We are in the business of education, so we anticipate this will be good for everyone.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's been too long...

Sorry, faithful readers, that we have not kept up our dialogue. After Sue and Irwin filled up w dumpsters from their attic, and Lil and Wayne kept their dumpster for another week, you would think we would have cleared our homes and our thoughts to take a deep breath and relax. No way!

Lil and Wayne had a few days with their son Jeff before he headed back to Mississippi prior to his shipping out to Iraq. Please send him your prayers for a safe return home next year. On the other coast, Sue and Irwin have been working all hours to get San Diego Sexual Medicine up and running and seeing patients in a couple of weeks. No rest for the weary!

We continue to sell copies of When Sex Isn't Good (some autographed copies are still available by purchasing them directly from Lil at and enjoy hearing back from you about your experiences reading the book.

We will do our best to update you from time to time. Cosmo did interview Dr. Goldstein and as part of that referred to When Sex Isn't Good. If you see it mentioned in the article this fall, let us know! And the BBC is interested as well. Exciting!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Party time

Lest you think we forgot about you, our faithful readers, bite your tongues! We have just been busy. Lil and Sue have each rented dumpsters to clean out the clutter in their lives.....I mean houses. Sue and Irwin have filled two, Lil and Wayne are on their first. But last night it was time to party as we all attended a wedding in Boston.

When Sex Isn't Good is building a small following. People are buying it both from iUniverse and If you want to purchase an autographed copy, Lil has those and can ship it to you. Simply write to and Lil will let you know the cost. Once you mail her a check you can receive an autographed copy by return mail as long as these last. Don't forget that the authors are available for book signings at your local book store or book club, and for inspirational presentations at your local women's club or parents' organization or other group.

We wish you all a happy start to summer full of reasons to party.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


It's been far too long, and we know how much you enjoy hearing about us and When Sex Isn't Good. We have been selling the book now for a couple of weeks--from iUniverse, from Amazon and from Lil's trunk! She has them for sale at various speaking engagements or if you happen to have lunch with her. Sue lives in the city now so she doesn't have a big pile of books. So we thought, since you all love photographs, that you might enjoy seeing some pictures from "Sue and Irwin's excellent cross country adventure." Having visited 9 national parks and monuments west of the Mississippi while driving from Boston to San Diego in 2007, they could not compete with the road trip Lil and Wayne took way back when before children, but the pictures from a month ago tell it all. Here are just a few for your enjoyment.

This is the national memorial at Oklahoma City. It's eery at night but peaceful, which is the feeling it was designed to convey.

Here's the painted desert in Arizona. It's right next to the pertrified forest!

The Colorado River cuts through the Grand Canyon. On the right is the Grand Canyon at sunrise. As the sun comes up (at 5:30 am in temperatures below 40°) the shadows change as the sun hits different peaks and valleys.

Bryce Canyon looks like giant drip castles. You can see it from above, or walk down a path and look up at the spires called hoodoos!

One of the most beautiful parks because it has rocks and trees and rivers and lots of room to roam is Zion. This was our last stop before hitting Las Vegas for a show and the last day of driving to reach San Diego. The picture does not do it justice because the camera ran out of power so we missed so many possible pictures.

Sue and Lil cannot wait until we have a book tour and can visit more beautiful parts of the United States (and the world). If you want us to come to your home town, simply arrange a book signing at your local bookstore, an author reading and conversation at your book club, or any another appropriate event. We would love to visit you!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just starting....

The book is finished, printed, available for everyone, so now we can relax, right? Wrong! The fun has just begun. Signing books in the kitchen
today, maybe in the bookstores tomorrow.

And check out our youngest reader......

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It's here!!!

Lil was driving home from New Hampshire, Sue and Irwin were passing into Texas on their way to their new home, when Wayne received a big box from iUniverse with our author copies of When Sex Isn't Good! Lil checked them out and said they looked great, so now you can go ahead and order your own copies. We promised you they would be available in time for Mother's Day. What more can we say? Tomorrow we send a copy off to Oprah, since her producer is very interested in the book. Tomorrow is also a big day as the Arleques bid farewell to their son Jeff as he and the Yankee Division head back down south to prepare for deployment to Iraq. And Sue gets to fulfill a lifelong dream as the Goldsteins arrive at the Grand Canyon.

We wish everyone the opportunity to fulfill their dreams, and safe travels to all. But most importantly, happy reading. We would love to hear your comments after you get your copy of the When Sex Isn't Good.